CHI 2011 workshop, Vancouver, Canada, May 7, 2011

Tongyan Ning, Jörg Müller, Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Chat Wacharamanotham, Florian Alt and Jan Borchers

No Need to Stop: Menu Techniques for Passing by Public Displays

Although public displays are increasingly prevalent in public spaces, they are generally not interactive. Menu techniques can enable users to select what is interesting to them. Current touch screen techniques are unsuitable, because for many public displays, users merely pass by and rarely stop. We investigate command selection in this new context of passing-by interaction, in which users only have a few seconds to interact. We present six hands-free gestural techniques and evaluate them in a Wizard-of-Oz experiment. Based on the results of this study, we provide design recommendations for menu selection in passing-by situations. VIEW FULL PAPER