CHI 2011 workshop, Vancouver, Canada, May 7, 2011

Roberto Calderon, Sidney Fels, Rodger Lea and Oliver Neumann

Harvesting Communal Interaction with Public Displays through Place-Dependent ''Community Displays''

We explore the concept of ''community displays'' based on the analogy of community gardens, where information is comunally owned and shared. We propose that community displays be designed as essential part of public space, communal and shared, local and location dependent, needing nurturing, and able to produce physical and aesthetic outcomes. This can be achieved by conceptualizing displays as physically owned and bound to the place they belong to, but formed of pixels that belong to a co-located community. Finally, we propose that community displays should focus on sensing and visualizing community member relationships, visits, cooperations and nurturing actions in order to lower the complexity that arises when displays are used in public settings. VIEW FULL PAPER