CHI 2011 workshop, Vancouver, Canada, May 7, 2011

Paolo Battino Viterbo, Valentina Barsotti and Andrew Vande Moere

Situated & Social Feedback in the City

In this paper, we investigate the use of public display as a situated feedback medium that is able to reveal the relationship between local activities and their global impact, within the context of the urban environment the display is located in. The increasing amount of urban datasets made available to the public today has become a valuable resource to allow city inhabitants to understand the true impact of their daily life. But the complexity, specificity, interrelatedness and scale of these datasets pose serious challenges in terms of how to engage all stakeholders in such relatively complex issues that are nonetheless relevant to the everyday experience of the public environment. We propose a concept in which smart metering, situated data visualization and immediate feedback are tightly interrelated. The concept aims at transforming urban data into persuasive messages that encourage inhabitants to relate daily activities with their impact, while also providing data-driven evidence for these claims. VIEW FULL PAPER